house RAS

The planning task envisioned the erection of a single-family house on a site measuring ca. 500m² in the south of the state capital Klagenfurt on Wörthersee.

The residential buildings in the area are laid out as point block structures, whose open spaces are essentially barely usable clearance spaces.

The declared project objective in this case was to create maximum usable outdoor spaces, despite the small size of the site. Inspired by Moroccan and Japanese buildings, a type of courtyard house was developed that creates open spaces with the greatest possible privacy on the small, almost square plots.

The main building, in combination with ancillary buildings and separating walls, is positioned along the site boundaries in such a manner that it produces a central inner courtyard with partial vegetation, which protects against unwanted visibility and provides maximum privacy in the midst of a dense settlement structure.


architecture: spado architects    photos: Christian Brandstätter (c)



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